An iPhone app to make you a paparazzi

Paris hilton at the beachCelebrity sightings are one of the perks of living here in Los Angeles. And the advent of cell phone cameras enabled us to instantly show our friends when we spotted Lindsay Lohan shopping in West Hollywood between rehab stints or Kim Kardashian sunbathing at the beach. Just the other day Cindy Crawford was photographed walking out of Nobu's. But sending those photos to our friends got us, what? Bragging rights at best.

Many an Angeleno has thought: Wouldn't it be grand to make a little moola off our close encounter with Paris Hilton at the dry cleaners? And yes, not too surprisingly, now there's an App for that.

The free iSnaper application for iPhones can make everyone a paparazzi, something that no doubt thrills celebrities who on occasion leave the house without make-up and might prefer not being photographed while they wait in the after-school pick-up lane. The iSnaper is the brainchild of Selma Fonseca, who runs an agency called Celebrity Vibe -- a sort of middle man between paparazzo and the publications/sites that publish what they shoot.

It works like this. The civilian population armed with iSnaper on their iPhones go around shooting celebrities wherever they see them. They use iSnaper to send the photo to Fonseca and if Celebrity Vibe sells the photo, the company gives the photographer a 70% commission. Photos can be sold anywhere from $100 to $5,000. She has sold photos to People magazine and US Weekly. The more exclusive the photo, the higher the price it commands. A French club-goer recently was paid $3,500 on a $5,000 sale for using iSnapper to take a photo of Paris Hilton spraying champagne at a St. Tropez nightclub, Fonseca said.
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