Social City welcomes Donald Duck and Pluto, but does Disney have bigger plans?

Donald Duck and Pluto statues
Donald Duck and Pluto statues

Now that you can get Donald Duck and Pluto statues through gifting in addition to the tons of Disney items that have been added recently, your Social City Magic Kingdom is essentially complete. Over the past few days, the effects of Disney's $563 million buyout for Playdom have had a visible effect on Social City.

With all of these new Disney items, it's surprising that the company hasn't asked Playdom to create a Disney World social game based off the technology behind Social City (as if it hasn't been done), or have they? This is purely speculation, but it is more than likely for Disney to push for something like this if only to cut out the middle man; in this case, Social City. Perhaps all of these items inspired by the Magic Kingdom are meant for Old Big Ears to test the waters for a full-blown game featuring the world's most popular theme park.

While some might consider this idea a stretch, it's obvious that Disney's presence in Playdom's games isn't going anywhere. If Disney's involvement in the property management genre of social games ends here, then they're missing out on a golden opportunity.

Do you think the Disney items in Social City are a prelude to anything? What could the first Disney-inspired game from Playdom be? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.

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