Restaurant City Oktoberfest to bring on the brat(wurst) this Thursday

Restaurant City Oktoberfest
Restaurant City Oktoberfest

While Halloween is celebrated all month long in October in most social games, Playfish will soon be celebrating another October holiday in Restaurant City that actually calls for an entire month: Oktoberfest. Starting this Thursday with the new Wurst and Sauerkraut Stall, Oktoberfest in Restaurant City is sure to please the Deutsch in all of us.

So far, all we know about this event is that the new Wurst and Sauerkraut Stall will bump up your coins per hour while, but more important is the Frau-lein who will serve your drinks faster (she can hold six beers). This cheery, ambidextrous bier maiden will be ready for work this Sunday and Monday. Also, is that the Hoff in there complete with Knight Rider gear? With easier ways to get Playfish cash and now this, it looks like your October just got a whole lot wurst (sorry, couldn't help it).

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