How to Combat Procrastination and Other Irrational Workplace Behaviors


We all behave irrationally in the workplace from time to time, and we all know it. We often know what we "should" do in certain situations, but many times we don't choose that option. You leave expense reports to the last minute, thinking that the pressure of the deadline will make you more productive; you know you are supposed to really pay attention at Monday morning meetings, but you let your mind wander; you know how to behave in business situations, yet you occasionally have a few too many drinks at happy hour or let your temper flare up when you are not assigned a certain project. Think you're exempt from this irrational workplace behavior? Think again.

The bad news is that we procrastinate even when we know we shouldn't; but the good news is that, as humans, we all behave irrationally sometimes -- and our irrationalities are what make us adaptable and trusting of others. Also, there are things we can do to combat workplace irrationality.