Plans Revealed For Orbiting Hotel

A Russian company says it plans to launch a seven-room hotel in space by 2016.

The orbiting Commercial Space Station hotel would be marketed to well-heeled travelers and also be available to scientists and others when the International Space Station (ISS) is full, according to Moscow-based Orbital Technologies.

In addition to accommodations, the hotel plan calls for workspace for science projects.

The planned station will be "a comfortable hotel in orbit, designed specifically for tourists," Sergey Kostenko, Orbital Tehcnologies' chief executive, told The Associated Press.

Currently visitors to the ISS have to deal with issues including trying not to bump into scientific equipment. The idea is the hotel will offer more personal space, but otherwise resemble the ISS -- the hotel design is still being worked out.

Food will be tailored to individual preferences, and may be prepared by celebrity chefs, packaged and sent into space, Kostenko says.

Unclear is whether the general contractor named for the project, state-run RKK Energia company, has either the funds or capacity to carry out the plan, AP says. Energia builds Soyez crew capsules and Progress cargo ships that deliver crew and supplies to the ISS.

Orbital Tehcnologies declined to disclose the cost of the project.

Photo, Futurilla, flick
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