Place Named 'Awesometown' -- Awesome?

Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg

If you were to round up a group of silly adolescents, give them all the candy and soda they could ever desire and asked them to come up with a list of names for a utopian community, "Awesometown" would probably be near the top of that list. Newland Hall, a community planner in north Los Angeles County, didn't need the youngsters and rushes of sugar to come up with the idea of dubbing the planned community of Valencia just that: Awesometown. The branding of the housing development in Santa Clarita, Calif. has been met with mixed reactions.

"If the Awesometown term is simply a marketing campaign and not the permanent name of a the community or subdivision, I think they should have fun with it and roll with the punches, and use the hype and attention to draw more interest," says Steve Crossland, a Realtor in Austin, Texas. "If they've actually named a part of the community Awesometown, the way a parent would name a child 'Moon Blossom' or something, I think that will eventually be viewed as a mistake."