On National Coffee Day, the winner is ...

coffee, national coffee day
coffee, national coffee day

Today is National Coffee Day. For me, every day is coffee day. I down at least a couple of big, hot, black, steaming cups before I feel ready to face the world, then another pot in the afternoon, and sometimes a third in the evening when my husband wants a cup, too.

I make my coffee from the house-brand beans at Costco - $12.99 for 3 pounds. I grind 12 six-ounce cups worth on the medium fine setting of the burr grinder and brew it in a 12-cup Mr. Coffee that is several years old and only cost $19.99 to begin with. It's not very exotic, but the coffee is delicious and it only costs me about 27 cents a pot.

In honor of, National Coffee Day, I decided to expand my horizons. I went out and bought coffee at six of the local hot spots that claim to have great coffee: Biggby, Caribou, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Horton and McDonald's. Reportedly, some of these coffee emporiums are giving away a free cup in honor of National Coffee Day, but not at the stores around here. From most to least expensive, here is my assessment of the java offerings on the market today:

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