I'm in Love With My Straight Roommate

gay roommate problem
gay roommate problem

Dear Apartment Guru,

I am an openly gay man with a very big crush on my closeted roommate. I know you will wonder how it is that I know that my roommate is closeted. Well, he told me that he is definitely curious about gay sex, has a "history" on our shared computer of looking at gay porn (although, admittedly, he also looks at straight porn), and he hangs out with me and my friends all the time, openly flirting.

I know that it is a terrible idea to @#$ where you eat, but let's say I just wanted to help him find his way into the light, would this be an OK thing for a roommate to do? And if not, how do I get over it, because I think about this way too much?

-- Bert Loves Ernie