Happy Pets welcomes back Random Dogs, Cats and Horses on the cheap

Happy Pets Random Pets are back
In a move that we can't quite understand, CrowdStar has brought back some Random Pets to Happy Pets due to "popular demand" (doubtful) in extremely limited quantities. In the store right now you can find Random Cats, Dogs and Horses that are slightly cheaper, but only a few hundred are left of each.

The Random Cat, which needs to be fed every eight hours and sells for 4500 coins after three days, is going for 120 Facebook Credits ($12 USD). For 80 Facebook Credits, or $8 USD, you can have your very own Random Dog, but remember to feed it every 12 hours if you want to sell it in four days for 2940 coins. A Random Horse will cost you a weird 102 Facebook Credits, which amounts to $10.20, and needs food every 16 hours if it's to be sold in seven days for 3600 coins.

When looking at these prices compared to how much they used to be, it's only about 20 percent off the original price. While this is a better time than any to get these previously canceled Random Pets, think twice before you make the investment.

Will you be buying one of these previously discontinued Random Pets? Still not sold on the idea of throwing your pet's looks to chance? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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