Happy Pets' Green Chameleon adds several dashes of color to your room

Happy Pets Chameleon
Happy Pets Chameleon

While new pets in Happy Pets feel like they're a dime (well, more than a dime) a dozen these days, today CrowdStar shows its creative colors today with the Green Chameleon pet. It might seem odd that other color varieties of this pet have yet to be mentioned, but that's because this pet has all of them.

The Green Chameleon, which can be bought outright for just 48 Facebook Credits ($4.80 USD) or won in a slots min game that costs 8 Facebook Credits per spin, changes its color at will. After watching the cold-blooded little cutie for a while, it's obvious that this lizard has that color spectrum down.

Each attempt at the slots mini game will have a chance at scoring you one of five decorations to go with the Chameleon you'll win for getting all five items. However, you're not guaranteed a new item every spin, so if you want to take the straight and narrow to your new scaly friend, just put up the five bucks. Though, you can buy the whole set for 198 Facebook Credits, or $19.80, but that's just crazy talk.

Mesmerized by the Green Chameleon yet? Will you take your chances at the slots or just nab this one up the old fashioned way? Tell us in the comments. Add Comment.