FrontierVille: Rocking Horse, Fancy Crib, Rag Doll and more will unleash your inner child

FrontierVille Kid items
FrontierVille Kid items

In addition to bringing back some classic items today, Zynga wants you to relieve your childhood in FrontierVille through some new items that have sneaked their way into the market. All of these new decorations will go great with your homestead once you complete the marriage goals, though that's not necessary. I mean, a grown man or woman riding a rocking horse alone would raise a few red flags, don't you think? Anyway, here are the new kiddie items you'll find in the market:

Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse

  • Rocking Horse: 2500 coins and 150 Wood, Rewards 35 XP

  • Fancy Crib: 30 Horseshoes, Rewards 180 XP

  • Little Red Wagon: 25 Horseshoes and 100 Wood, Rewards 150 XP

  • Old Time Camera: 1100 coins and 10 Wood, Rewards 11 XP

  • Alphabet Blocks: 1500 coins and 50 Wood, Rewards 15 XP

  • Hope Chest: 500 Wood, Rewards 5 XP

  • Dollhouse: 21 Horseshoes, Rewards 126 XP

  • Rag Doll: 8 Horseshoes, Rewards 48 XP

  • Puzzle Table: 4,000 coins and 200 Wood, Rewards 40 XP

For a combined cost of 9,100 coins, 1,010 Wood and 96 Horseshoes the entire set can be yours. Some of these items are only around for another 12 days, so get to saving your Horseshoes before the time comes when these items appear in crates. It's okay, we know all you want is that animated Rocking Horse, so splurge a little.

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