FrontierVille Aunt Missions: Help your relatives in 'der Old Country'

Log into FrontierVille and you willl find (or will soon find) a hilarious letter from your Aunt from 'der Old Country,' who asks you for help in some form of pidgeon English.

That kicks off a series of five missions where you will grow food and harvest animals to make sure your Aunt and three cousins won't suffer the fate of "eating our shoes this winter." I've eaten a few shoes* in my time and, let me tell you, I don't recommend it to anyone.

Before you go any further down the page, this mission requires you to buy and tend lots and lots of potatoes, so put your potato farmin' hat on before venturing any further.

Special thanks to BlackestWinter for the image.

frontierville aunt letter

Aunt List Goal #1:
We are please needing these items to survive the winter. Potatoes...

frontierville aunt list missions --

Plant 60 Potatoes
Ten 20 Neighbor Potatoes

Rewards: 50 Food

Aunt List Goal #2
And more potatoes...

frontierville aunt's list goal #2

Harvest 60 Potatoes
Ten 20 Neighbor Potatoes

Reward: Share 40 XP with friends

Aunt List Goal #3
"Maybe some butter mit der taters?"

frontierville aunt list #3

Buy 10 Cows
Tend 10 Neighbor Cows

This is a pretty simple goal to complete once you know what to do. You can buy cows in the Market for 765 coins each. To 'tend' a neighbor's cow, you'll need to click on it when it's not hungry. Since you can click on animals more than once, you might need to feed a friend's cow first, then click on it again to 'tend' to it. That means it'll take a few extra clicks to get the job done, but no one ever said pioneer life was easy.

frontierville cows

Reward: Share baby cows with friends.

Aunt List Goal #4
"I am sad to say that we are burning our butter-churn for warmth last winter. Also, little Brazliana likes steak mit her potatoes. And that is all that we are needing!"

frontierville aunt list part iv -

Get one Ribeye
Buy A Butter Churn

frontierville butter churn

You can find the Butter Churn in the Market under the Decorations tab for 3,610 coins and 2 wood. Ribeye can be found by harvesting Oxen, but -- in the past -- these have been a little difficult to come by. Hopefully you already have already acquired one and this won't be a problem, or you can try to put it on your Wish List to see if neighbors will come to the rescue.

Reward: Share food with friends.

Aunt List Goal #5
"Done at last? Great work! Now you just need some way to get them to the Old Country! Perhaps in crates."

frontierville aunt list part V of V --

Craft 20 planks
Get 10 Nails
Get 10 Shipping Labels

To craft planks, click on the covered wagon and select 'Go Inside.' From there you will be able to make planks for 250 coins and 7 wood each. Ask friends for nails if you don't have them already (or look at the top of the game page and click the link that says "Howdy Pardners, need an extra hand raisin' a barn or fixin' up a cabin? Get You Some Free Nails!"). As for shopping labels, post a message on your Facebook Wall asking for friends to send 'em or shell out 40 Horseshoes to get them all right away.

Reward: TBD

*OK, that was a white lie. I've never actually eaten a shoe, but the thought has crossed my mind.

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