FrontierVille Aunt Missions: Help your relatives in 'der Old Country'


Log into FrontierVille and you willl find (or will soon find) a hilarious letter from your Aunt from 'der Old Country,' who asks you for help in some form of pidgeon English.

That kicks off a series of five missions where you will grow food and harvest animals to make sure your Aunt and three cousins won't suffer the fate of "eating our shoes this winter." I've eaten a few shoes* in my time and, let me tell you, I don't recommend it to anyone.

Before you go any further down the page, this mission requires you to buy and tend lots and lots of potatoes, so put your potato farmin' hat on before venturing any further.

Special thanks to BlackestWinter for the image.

frontierville aunt letter
frontierville aunt letter

Aunt List Goal #1:
We are please needing these items to survive the winter. Potatoes...

frontierville aunt list missions --
frontierville aunt list missions --

Plant 60 Potatoes
Ten 20 Neighbor Potatoes

Rewards: 50 Food