FarmVille Combine Vehicle: This super-tractor plants, harvests and plows all at once

farmville combine vehicle completed

The FarmVille Combine Vehicle has finally arrived in the Market. The Combine costs 500,000 coins to buy the chassis and then you have to collect 40 Vehicle parts from friends to complete it. Or, you can buy a completed version for 110 Farm Cash. More details coming soon.

A special thanks to nazfarm for the image of the completed Combine.

farmville combine chassis -- hot rod combine
farmville super combine chassis

Once the Combine tractor is built, it can be leveled up to plow more plots by feeding it vehicle parts. Here's a breakdown of how many plots the Combine can plow/plant/harvest at each level, and how many parts you need to collect to make it a serious multi-tasking machine:

Level 1: 2x2 plot
Level 2: 6 parts for 3x2 plot
Level 3: 15 parts for 3x3 plot
Level 4: 30 parts for 4x3 plot
Level 5: 45 parts for 4x4 plot

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Are you planning on shelling out for the new FarmVille Combine vehicle? Or are you just looking for friends to send you vehicle parts? Leave a note in the comments. Add comment.

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