FarmVille Halloween Candy, Wax Apple Tree & German Monopteros coming soon


Some more unreleased FarmVille items have been making the rounds -- a bucket of Halloween Candy, a Wax Apple Tree and a German Monopteros.

The most interesting of this trio is the Halloween Candy, mostly because it looks like we will soon be asking neighbors to send us candy to fill up our Halloween pumpkins (alongside asking them for materials to help us build a Haunted House). I just love Halloween -- don't you?

Also -- if you were thinking (like me), "What the heck is a German Monopteros?" -- here's the answer. In Munich, Germany, there is a big park called the Englisher Garten (which means 'English Garden'). In that park, sits a building called the Monopteros, a Greek-style temple that was completed in 1836. Soon you might be able to park one of these on your farm. And you thought playing FarmVille wasn't educational...

german montoperos munich, germany --
german montoperos munich, germany --

Disclaimer: Please note that these three items are unreleased, and there's no guarantee that they will be released in the game (though, let's face it, these unreleased items make their way in about 95% of the time).