Cafe World Goals: Everything you need to know

Basic Bean
On top of the festivities for Cafe World's One Year Anniversary, Zynga has added new goals to the game that work much like those in FrontierVille. In other words: fulfill the goals requirements and you'll be rewarded extra coins. This is pretty standard stuff, but a welcome addition nonetheless. You can find these new goals as they appear just beneath your Cafe Buzz Rating and your progress will automatically update in little pop-ups that will appear as you press on.

The general theme of these new goals is coffee to help you along the path to the new coffee recipes, but there are goals for beginners as well. There is also a goal, "Fast as Lightning," designed to get you your very first Lightning Stove or some extra rewards if you've been there and done that. Many of the goals' requirements can be unlocked through Cafe Cash if you want to live life in the expensive fast lane.

Join us behind the break for a detailed look at how these new goals work.
Flip Some Burgers
When a new goal appears underneath your Buzz Rating, clicking on it will open a window detailing what needs to be done for said goal. For beginners, you'll find a goal titled "Flip Some Burgers," which pretty much explains it all. After serving 10 order Bacon Cheeseburgers and cleaning 10 stoves, you'll be rewarded with 100 coins and access to two new goals, "Elegant Simplicity" and "Go Taste Testing."

If you're concerned about your progress, you can click on the goal again to see where you are, but you'll be updated on the fly as you move forward with pop-ups on the left side of your screen. It looks as though only a few new goals will be available at a time, making for a linear progression throughout. We'd like to see a feature in the future that allows you to see all of your goals and reorder them to your liking, which is again something that has been improved in FrontierVille.

Flip Some Bugers Completed
Unfortunately, the exact rewards for the later goals is unknown as this feature is brand new, but we can only imagine the rewards getting better as the goals become more daunting. So, consider these new goals an incentive to spruce up the place, will ya?

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