Toys R Us to Hire 45,000 Temporary Workers for Holidays

Toys R Us
Toys R Us

Toys R Us plans to hire 45,000 temporary staff as it gears up for the holiday season.

That's more staff than the company has hired in each of the last three holiday seasons and effectively doubles the company's domestic workforce, Toys R Us said in a statement.

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"Toys R Us is a classic destination for Christmas shopping, and one of the ways we differentiate ourselves is by employing and training associates who can make sound toy buying recommendations based on a child's specific needs and interests," Executive Vice President, Human Resources Dan Caspersen said.

Of the new hires, about 35,000 will staff the company's 587 traditional Toys R Us stores, with the rest working in express stores and distribution centers.

Earlier this month, Toys R Us said it plans to open more than 600 new express stores to boost the company's holiday sales.

"We're not projecting a dramatic increase in the [economic] environment. We're saying Christmas will come," said CEO Jerry Storch. "What I need to do is make sure we're stocked up with the right product for Christmas . . . if that's being optimistic, great."

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