The Easiest Free Playfish Cash You'll Ever Earn

Playfish Add Playfish Cash window
Compared to Zynga and Crowdstar, Playfish is incredibly stingy with offering free premium cash to its players. Zynga games like PetVille and Cafe World, always have free Pet Cash or Cafe Cash giveways on their official Facebook fanpages, and even through in-game activities (e.g. Cafe World's Scratch Lotto and PetVille's Daily Clean Pet Bonus). Zynga also supplies plenty of simple and easy activities from sponsors that allow players to earn premium cash through answering questions and viewing videos. Even Crowdstar lets players earn one free premium cash every time they level up in their games, but Playfish only did that once, back when they were busy promoting Hotel City in April.
Earn Playfish Cash
It's true that when you click on "Add Playfish Cash" in the Playfish games, you'll see a swarm of survey options from TrialPay. But I've reviewed these survey offers here, and concluded that they often end up wasting their time and those of the players'.
Free Playfish Cash from Kia Motors, Sony Ericsson, and VH1
Well, finally, there's a chance to snag some simple, fuss-free, no-giving-over-your-personal-info or emails or paying-real-cash or subscribe-to-random-things for free PFC! Because right now, there's three video-watching offers from Kia Motors, Sony Ericsson, and VH1 in TrialPay that'll net you 1 PFC each. Players who know how hard it is to get PFC would understand how rare an opportunity this is. All PFC earned here is good for use in Restaurant City, Hotel City, Pirates Ahoy!, Pet Society, et al. And even if you don't play any Playfish games, it's best you don't miss out.
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