RSPCA's Think Pig Facebook game has adorable pigs, not-so adorable sounds

Think Pig
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), a U.K. -based advocacy group for animal rights, has launched a Facebook game to raise awareness about the fair treatment of pigs (no, not these pigs) with Think Pig. This anagram game asks you to line up pigs with letters on their backs to make words, but it's unsure as to how this game raises awareness.

Amongst the unsettling noise of swines grunting and snorting--sans any music at all--it's difficult enough to concentrate on putting words together. If you manage to achieve a score of at least "Weaner" ("Porker" and "Whole Hog" being the highest titles), you'll be sent to the bonus round where you'll have to answer a pig trivia question that will double your score if answered correctly.

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Think Pig gameplay
Then you'll be given the option to stick with the herd or move on to a new one for more letter options. You can share your scores with friends, like almost every social game, and there are personal, friend and global leaderboards to stoke that competitive flame.

Think Pig Trivia
According to the Think Pig Facebook page, the goal of the game is "to raise awareness about pig welfare and what labels you should look for when shopping," but we're finding it hard to see that message in Think Pig. While the trivia questions seem to fulfill this claim (all I can still hear are squealing pigs and outdoor ambiance), but trivia questions aren't provocative like immersive gameplay can be.

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