Mall World Cheats & Tips: 5 easy ways to get ahead

Mall World is a hot Facebook game by 50 Cubes, where players get to own their own fashion store while shopping and wearing the latest fashions on their avatar. The game has shown huge success, with almost 5 million monthly actives, and almost 1 million daily actives. There is no other game quite like Mall World on Facebook, and we have all of the latest hints, tips, and cheats to help you get ahead of your friends in Mall World.

1. Play the Dressing Room Game

The Dressing Room game can be accessed by clicking the "Dressing Room Game" button on the right side of the game screen. You are allowed five plays per day, which gives you the opportunity to earn quick XP and coins. The game is actually a pretty easy one, as long as you have the eye for fashion and can memorize which accessories go with which outfits. Memorize the different collections in the catalog, and you will completely ace the dressing room game. Mix and match the different outfits until you get one that is the highest rating as indicated by the meter on the left side of the game.

2. Don't Go Crazy With Decorating

One of the biggest mistakes someone new to Mall World can do, is spend all of their money decorating their shop. It can be very tempting to buy the latest fashions and buy furniture for your store to make it look the best, but you will not earn the coins back and it doesn't benefit you enough to waste time doing it. Instead of buying expensive furniture, spend all of your money stocking your store so that you get the best return for your money.

3. Buy Clothing for Yourself

Buying clothing for yourself is basically the name of the game in Mall World, and it's not just for fun. Buying clothes for your avatar actually gives you XP, which allows you to level up. Leveling up gives you access to new catalogs so that you can stock your store with better higher earning clothing and accessories. Buy yourself tons of outfits and go crazy.

4. Earn the Squeaky Clean Bonuses

Every day, clothing is spread around your store and if you click on it to pick it up you earn a ton of coins. Once you've cleaned up your own store, you can visit all of your neighbors and earn the Squeaky Clean Bonus from them as well. Basically, the more neighbors you have, the more coins that you will earn. Getting neighbors is beneficial in most Facebook games, but in Mall World it helps out even more.

5. Pay Attention to Profits

When you're buying catalogs for new outfits for your store, it's easy to just pick outfits based on which one you like the best. However, there is actually an art to maximizing your profits through picking the right outfits. Take a peek at what the total cost of the item is, and then what the sell price of the item. If it doesn't give you a profit of at least $50, you shouldn't even buy it unless there is nothing else to buy and you need something quickly. Make sure to look at the profits, and not just pick the prettiest clothes for your store.

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