Mafia Wars Dublin Challenge Missions Chapter Two: Ireland Hopping with stout in hand

Mafia Wars Dublin Chapter 2
Mafia Wars Dublin Chapter 2

Zynga has finally unlocked Chapter Two of the Dublin Challenge Missions in Mafia Wars. Named "Ireland Hopping," players will escape Ireland with the money from the bank robbery, launder the cash in an "offshore account" and funnel the dough back into the Irish mob. Sounds like my kind of weekend.

These missions will require a lot more stout than before, so you'll have to ask your friends for even more pints. Also, be sure to collect your stout from above the Dublin jobs pane every 24 hours. For mastering each job Chapter 2, you'll receive an Irish mob weapon called Black Irish with 84 Attack and 59 Defense.

Join us behind the cut for a detailed look at the four new jobs in the Dublin Challenge Mission.