Happy Aquarium One Year Anniversary Event extended by five hours, more time to win an exclusive fish

Happy Aquarium One Year Anniversary
Happy Aquarium One Year Anniversary

CrowdStar will soon be rewarding its Happy Aquarium fans for their enjoyment of the game for a whole year with the Happy Aquarium One Year Anniversary Event. Extended by five hours, log in between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST to get your own exclusive, vibrant One Year Anniversary Fish. The event already has over 843,000 confirmed attendees, so you definitely won't be alone.

It's a bummer that CrowdStar isn't doing more to celebrate this milestone, but if it maintains its Number 2 position under Zynga long enough, maybe next year's event will be even better. This event, unlike Zynga's week-long festivities in Cafe World, will only be around for six hours. So, be sure to log in tomorrow for your exclusive fish and to celebrate playing Happy Aquarium for a whole 365 days.

Will you be logging in tomorrow to get your exclusive Anniversary Fish now that you have more time? How's it been to play Happy Aquarium for a year? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.