FrontierVille Cafe World Mission: Plant tomatoes to score free spices

FrontierVille really seems to be getting around this week. First, the Wild West game launches a cross promotion with FarmVille, then Mafia Wars and now with Cafe World. So, if you think spice is nice (especially Instant Spice that eliminates cooking time for dishes), then you'll want to take on FrontierVille's Cafe World Mission.
cafe world instant spices

To get started, open Cafe World and you will see a pop-up that will take you to FrontierVille.
frontiervillle cafe world quest

You'll see the Cafe World icon on the left-hand side of your screen (or go to the new Missions menu), click on it and it will open the Quest. There is only one part to this quest that actually requires you to do anything, and it's pretty simple to get done. Here's what you need to do:

frontierville cafe world tomatoes1. Clear Five Grass
If you already cleared your grass today, just wait until tomorrow.

2. Plant Ten Tomatoes
Buy tomatoes in the Market. They cost 25 coins each, and will be ready to harvest in 15 minutes.

3. Harvest Ten Tomatoes
After the 15 minutes are up, harvest the tomatoes. You'll get 2 XP, and 30 coins for harvesting each plant.Don't do what I did and walk away from your computer and forget about these tomatoes -- they wither quickly.

After this is complete, you'll be presented with the Cafe World Quest II, which is simply, to claim your reward. To do that --

cafe world frontierville quest

After you click the button, you'll be taken back to Cafe World where you will see the following notification. When you're ready to use your Instant Spice, open your Spice Rack and they should be there waiting for you.

cafe world frontierville spice reward

Did you finish the FrontierVille Cafe World Mission? Did you find it to be pretty easy? Leave a note in the comments below.
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