FarmVille Sneak Peek: Haiti 'The School of Choice' Hot Air Balloon

FarmVille Haiti Hot Air Balloon
FarmVille Haiti Hot Air Balloon

Our last look at FarmVille's School of Choice campaign showed that they had hit their 400 million mark, and were now aiming for 1 billion in virtual exchanged gifts. Right now, the counter has passed the 750 million mark with a $72k increase in player donations from Sweet Beets.

Given the momentum of this charity drive, it seems inevitable that Zynga will end up donating their promised total of $200k.

Today, a leaked image of a Haiti Hot Air Balloon imprinted with the "L' Ecole de Choix" banner and sporting the colors of the Haitian flag, made its way around the fan sites. FarmVille will probably cap off the event with a commemorative item and we can only bet that this balloon is it. But as always, the only guarantee when it comes to leaked items is a little insight into what the game creators are pondering.

[via FarmVille Freak and FarmVille Latest]