FarmVille Oktoberfest continues with new decor and animals

FarmVille is continuing the Oktoberfest celebration with a set of new animals, decorations, and buildings to celebrate this German holiday. With 7 FV Cash items and 2 expensive coins items, there isn't really something here for everyone. Even the little goat and big will set you back over 13 Farm Cash. If you haven't rushed to log in to the game yet to see what's new, read below for the full list of new items.


Festival Wheel - 38 Farm Cash
Festival Tent - 34 Farm Cash


Alpine Goat - 14 Farm Cash
Black Pied Pig - 18 Farm Cash


Festival Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Festival Pavilion - 240,000 coins
Cider Stand - 120,000 coins
Festival Carriage - 22 Farm Cash
German Gnome - 18 Farm Cash

These items are available for only 10 days, which is when we can presume the Oktoberfest event will be ending in FarmVille.

What do you think of the new Oktoberfest items? Which is your favorite?
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