FarmVille Official Podcast (9/27): Halloween, Nursery Barn, Crafting Co-Op jobs


Last week's official FarmVille Podcast was rescheduled until day. It is hosted by FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious. You can listen to the video below, read the FarmVille Freak Summary, or read the entire transcript at the bottom of the post.

Excess Nursery Barns Removed

  • Animals from removed 2nd Nursery Barn can be found in your Gift Box.

  • 100 FV$ rewarded to affected players.

  • Will only be compensated for one removed Nursery Barn.

  • Will not restore animals or give more farm cash for Nursery Barns for users possessing more than 2. (Players with 3 or more will still only receive, 1 – 100 farm cash and the restoration of one buildings worth of animals.

  • FarmVille did warn users that having more than one Nursery Barn was risky. (But why didn't they warn players in advance that the Nursery Barns would be deleted today?)

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