Fall Fashion Trends That Work For The Office

"Clothes make the man." – Mark Twain

"What you wear to work speaks volumes about how much you respect yourself and how much you respect your job," says Clinton Kelly, co-host of 'What Not To Wear' and fashion consultant to NewWayRA.com (http://www.newwayra.com), an online lifestyle show hosted by Deborah Norville and geared toward polishing the fashion looks of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Regardless of where your office is or what your workplace dress code is like, what you wear to work every day says a lot about your personality, your taste and your attitude. Online clothing sites (AOL Shopping, Bluefly, Amazon, etc.) make shopping easy and convenient, and with the wide variety of clothing options out there today, clothing can be anything that you want it to be and can send any message that you choose.

With so many options out there and many people on tight budgets these days, it is hard to know the must-have items for fall that will send the message that you are confident and capable; so we asked the experts for you.