Facebook Account Banning: How Zynga handles it

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A tipster to the Mafia Wars Maniac had a revealing Skype discussion with a Zynga representative involving gaming accounts being banned from Facebook and what Zynga can help with during the appeal process. First things first, what accounts get banned?

Mostly, accounts made purely for gaming, i.e. those that include no personal photos or information but are extremely active within apps on the platform are suspect for inspection by Facebook, according to Mafia Wars Maniac. If you fit this criteria, then it's very likely that you could get banned from Facebook. Here's what to do if this ever happens to you on a real account (accounts proven to be fake will not be reactivated by Facebook):

Submit a CS ticket... "I've been banned from facebook!" or something to that extent. You will get a response with a specific escalation URL for Facebook
Use that URL to appeal your ban to facebook...
If your ban is lifted... Halelua!
If not...

Copy the response you get from facebook and reply back to the CS ticket with the response. We will then be able to take that information and escalate it from our end. So... here is why we need to do it this way...

Apparently Zynga can track this exchange, appeal on your behalf to Facebook and hopefully restore your account. The issue with this is that many players (like myself) have made separate accounts on the platform just for gaming out respect for our friends' news feeds. However, with that issue alleviated recently, it might be a good idea to get back on your normal account for gaming. That is, if all of your gaming information wasn't linked to that account.

So, what can you do to avoid being banned? Just spruce up your account with some more personal information. Just your name, hometown and a photo isn't much to sacrifice for being able to play your favorite game. Is it?

When asked whether improvements will be made to Mafia Wars that would remove the need for a Facebook account, the representative cryptically replied, "Fortunately we have teams of people who are able to work on multiple projects at one time. So while it may seem that we keep launching missions or new cities... that doesn't mean we don't have another team working on other issues/improvements."

We can only hope that some changes to the Mafia Wars infrastructure are under way for those who wish to remain anonymous mobsters. If such a fortunate change does happen, you know where to find it.

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