CrowdStar is Number 2 on Facebook, Playfish and Playdom eat dust


CrowdStar, creator of Happy Pets, is now the Number 2 social games company on Facebook with 54.6 million monthly users, according to Inside Social Games, beating out big timers Playdom and Playfish. We all know that Zynga has and probably will be the biggest social games company for a long time, which is why the focus on leading statistics has been on the coveted Number 2 spot.

So, how does a game company with no big time entertainment corporation behind it sneak in just beneath the sleeping giant's nose? Persistence, consistency and freedom. It's been over a month since Playfish has put out Madden NFL Superstars and Playdom had a drought for months before it released ESPNU College Town on September 27.

CrowdStar, on the other hand, has released two games in the past two weeks, It Girl and Pop Boom, which already have 2.5 million and 1.6 million monthly players respectively. Without the constraints of a corporate stepmother like Playdom's Disney or Playfish's Electronic Arts, CrowdStar can probably get more games developed, polished and out on the market in a fraction of the time it takes a developer like Playdom to even get clearance for one game from the higher ups.

While some might consider this a stroke of luck, developers still have to make good games to get noticed. Playfish is close behind CrowdStar with over 50 million monthly users, and a killer app could knock out CrowdStar more quickly than the company found itself in the spot. And that's the beauty of the social games business: everyone is on their toes.

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