787 Dreamliner Will be Ready Early 2011

The long-awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be ready for service early next year.

Rolls-Royce, which supplies some of the engines used in the 787 Dreamliner, will meet with Boeing (BA) this week to work out plans to recover from an engine blow-out last month, Bloomberg News said.

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The plan will allow the 787 Dreamliner to enter service on schedule.

"Rolls is stepping up, and we'll take a hard look at the recovery plan, and based on what they told us, I think we'll be OK," Boeing Commercial Airplanes President Jim Albaugh told Bloomberg News. "They knew that they had the potential for what happened, and they have the fixes in to address that."

Last month, Boeing delayed the 787's first delivery, saying Rolls Royce wouldn't be able to supply an engine needed to complete flight-testing.

On Aug. 2, a $17 million Trent 1000 blew up during tests at a Rolls-Royce plant in Derby, England. Rolls-Royce was forced to close the plant for repairs.

The 787 Dreamliner, the first jet with fuselage and wings made of composites instead of aluminum, is running almost three years late because of problems with materials and a new manufacturing system.

Boeing grounded one of its five Dreamliner test jets earlier this month to replace a Rolls-Royce engine that had experienced a power surge before takeoff. Albaugh told Bloomberg News that the company already has a fix in place to address the issue.