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North Miami Museum of Contemporary ArtA neighborhood revival around an art museum; a primer on small-kitchen entertaining; and a sweet story of a man determined to lend a helping hand: It was all here on RentedSpaces this week. See what else was hot.

North Miami's Superhot Art Scene Spurs Neighborhood
See how a museum has become the cultural pulse of an entire Florida neighborhood, thanks to the efforts of dedicated citizens and enterprising businesses. Read more.

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Rental?
Just because you technically can afford to rent that sweet apartment that just came on the market, doesn't mean that you should. See how to crunch numbers the smart way. Read more.

Ricki Lake's Rental Home Burns to the Ground
TV personality Ricki Lake's devastating house fire is just the latest reminder as to why you need to protect yourself with a renter's insurance policy. See why when you read more.

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Hometown Hero Dave Yochum Gives Bigs and Littles a Day at the Lake
See how one resident of a tony lakefront community near Charlotte, N.C. is making sure that low-income kids get a chance to enjoy a day on the water. Read more.

Living Large in Tiny Digs
Sometimes less really can be more: See why one renter-turned-homeowner opted to scale down (way down!) to live in just one-third of her 1,200-square-foot home. Read more.

Host a Big Dinner Party From a Tiny Kitchen
Don't let a small kitchen cramp your style of entertaining -- with a few tricks and some outside-the-box thinking, you can still host a crowd. Read more.

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