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At a margin of 4 to1 over the second-most popular story, our readers were hot to know about a serial killer's former home this week. See what else HousingWatch readers were interested in:

1. Buyers Want Out of Serial Killer's Former Home
One Colorado family feels let down by the state's "buyer beware" policy after they unwittingly purchased a serial killer's former home. How would you feel? Read more.

2. Deadhead's Dream: Jerry Garcia's Last Home for Sale
Unlike the possibly haunted Colorado home at No. 1, the buyer of this property would likely welcome the ghost of a former resident: Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia. Read more.

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3. Hearst Estate in Beverly Hills Marked Down: Is It a Bargain at $95M?
Does a $70-million price cut on a Beverly Hills mansion catch your eye? What if that reduction leaves the price at a cool $95 million? Any takers? Anybody? Hello? Read more.

4. U.S. Soccer Star Thierry Henry Scores $15M Loft in SoHo
After rumors placing him in several (wrong) locations around NYC, French soccer star turned New York Red Bulls player Thierry Henry has finally put down local roots. See where when you read more.

5. Randy Quaid Arrested for Squatting at Former Home
Randy Quaid and wife Evi continue to spread their own special brand of crazy around Santa Barbara, Calif. with their latest arrest for squatting in one of their former homes. Read more.

6. Two Ohio Real Estate Agents Slain on the Job
With the recent unsolved deaths of two Ohio real estate agents, it's a good time to review the steps that all real estate professionals should take to protect themselves on the job. Read more.
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