Treasure Isle Voyages: Everything you need to know

Treasure Isle Voyages
Zynga has introduced a new feature to Treasure Isle that will expand your horizons and grow you some sea legs: Voyages. This addition to the game allows players to journey to distant islands in search of, what else, treasure. These new missions also unlock additional maps in the Dream Isles as well as prizes for mastering each Voyage.

Unfortunately, there is one obstacle in your way before you can set sail (if you can't guess what, then you might not want to take this one on). Join us behind the cut for more info on what you'll need to unlock Voyages and how they're done.Dragon Sailboat

First things first, you'll obviously need a boat. So, before you can access the Voyages, you'll need to complete the Dragon Sailboat. Here's what you'll need to complete the vessel:

  • 5 Nails
  • 5 Planks
  • 5 Rope
  • 5 Cloth
  • 5 Resin

Each of these items costs one Island Cash, but can be gifted as well. Be sure to put the items on your wishlist, but if you want to ride the fast track to the high seas, you'll have to pay up 25 Island Cash.

Voyages Menu
Once your ship is complete, just give it a click and choose your first Voyage. These journeys act much like jobs in Mafia Wars, but with visible rewards Clicking on the "Go" button will incrementally progress you to your destination and increase your mastery of the Voyage. However, each push forward in a Voyage will decrease your Energy and reward XP, requiring you to refill your Energy to continue.

Voyages Progress
Making it to your destination will unlock the map connected to the Voyage, but a second time through will unlock a second map. You can master Voyages up to Level 4, but only the first two times through will open up new maps (Levels 3 and 4 grant bonus items). With three Voyages currently in the game with two maps to unlock, mathematics experts say that makes a total of six new maps to explore. Here are the Voyages currently in the game and what's in it for you:

  • Ninja Assassin: Unlocks Ninja Training and Ninja Shrine maps
  • Happy Land (Requires Two Crew Members): Unlocks Happy Pastures and Happy Uzumaki maps
  • Monster Island (Requires Three Crew Members): Unlocks Green Gargantuan and Monster Isle maps

Voyages Mastery
You'll notice in the Happy Land and Monster Island Voyages that Crew Members are required. Similar to Catering Orders in Cafe World, you can recruit your friends to help you on your Voyage or buy Crew Members for Island Cash. We recommend sucking it up and finding some friends if you're short on sailors.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

What better place to find friends than in the comments? Let us know what you think of this new feature and collaborate to find worthy seamen in the process. Add Comment.
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