Sister's best friend: Sorority Life Dalmatian makes a charming companion


Who said you couldn't have dogs in your sorority house? Sorority Life has released a limited edition Dalmatian dog that gives you the maximum charm you can get. What's more charming than a pooch to lick your enemies to death? Dogs can be used to boost your stats for fights (PETA, where are you on this one?) and also just make you look better with a trusty pet by your side.

The Dalmatian can be found in the Glam section, underneath "Accessories". It's pretty darn cute, but it will cost you 15 Brownie Points to make your own. With a Charm of 28 and a Popularity of 10, there is good reason to make this purchase sooner rather than later. With only 12,500 available right now, you better hop on that.

What is your favorite Sorority Life pet that has been released so far?

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