Need new games to play? Applifier redesigns cross-promo banner

Applifier, a toolbar used by many small to medium sized social game developers to help their games cross-promote and grow in size, has undergone a design overhaul. The new design is slick and will help more games grow in numbers and assist players in finding new games on Facebook that they might enjoy.

The biggest difference between the old Applifier design and the new design is the addition of more space and a horizontally scrolling navigation panel. Previously, only 5-6 games would fit side by side in the Applifier banner. Now, the bar has endless room for as many games as will fit. In addition, there is now premium space for "Favorites" that include Cupcake Corner, Baking Life, Cafe Life, and Fish World.

If you're playing any game on the Applifier network, you will see the cross-promotion banner above the game, and you can scroll through and find the game that you would like to try. Some o the games included are Monster World, Ninja Saga, Nightclub City, and Mall World. Even MTV is using the Applifier network to promote their Jersey Shore Facebook game. To see the new Applifier bar, navigate to the application page for any of those games to see the re-design in action.
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