Message in a Bottle Crosses Pacific

It took more than six-and-a-half years, but a message in a bottle thrown into the Pacific has made its way some 1,367 miles to Australia's east coast, and with it brought happy vacation memories to an Australian widow.

Back in 2004, Glenda Parker was vacationing with her husband, Ross, on the Pacific Princess cruise ship when the couple decided to put a note with their contact information, a $2 coin and a pen inside a bottle and throw it into the ocean off Vanatu's Mystery Island in the South Pacific.

Parker says the gesture had particular meaning as Ross had just been diagnosed with heart problems. He later died.

The bottle traveled for years on ocean currents and recently washed up on a beach near Wooli, Australia, about 425 miles north of Sydney.

Parker tells The Northern Star newspaper in Australia she often wondered what happened to the bottle after her husband died, and then she got a call last week that had her elated.

"The person on the other end told me he had my bottle – I just screamed. It had been six-and-a-half years since we threw it off the boat," she says.

Parker adds she'd love to know where the bottle has traveled.

Photo, SergioDJT, flickr
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