Mall World unveils new classy Park Ave shop for businesswear


Mall World is all about being glamorous, fashionable, and classy, and that's what the new Park Avenue store is all about. This new mall shop is loaded wall to wall with business attire for those who don't want to look frumpy. This apparel ranges in price, and some of it is available for coins and some requires credits. Some of the items include the Autumn Plaid Tank for $600, the Slouch Blazer for 2 Credits, the Leopard Executive Clutch for 1 Credit, and the Classic Suit Blazer for 1 Credit.

In Mall World, shops are places where you can buy the latest looks for your avatar. This is different from the Catalog, which is where you buy clothing and accessories to sell within your store. The Park Ave. store contains a lot of nice elegant clothing to wear to work, which is exactly where you spend most of your time when you're playing Mall World.

Do you like the new Park Ave store in Mall World? What kind of store do you wish the developers would add to the game?