Mafia Wars Secret Drops rewarding double the goods, double the fun

Secret Drops double rewards
Secret Drops double rewards

Mafia Wars creator Zynga introduced a new feature last week in the game called Secret Drops, which allows players to find hidden briefcases while robbing players and doing jobs and gift the goodies to their friends. It's been found that players can now reap double the rewards from Secret Drops at random, according to some tipsters to Mafia Wars Maniac.

When accepting a Secret Drops gift from a friend, there is now a chance for players to randomly receive either two of the same gift they would have won or two completely different items. However, players can still only accept a certain amount of Secret Drops daily, with extra Secret Drops only awarding mobsters with Burners to assist in robberies. Either way, consider this even more incentive to start looking for Secret Drops and sharing the goods.

[Image Credit: Mafia Wars Maniac]

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