It Girl's collections give out fashionable rewards

It Girl Collections
Crowdstar's new fashion game It Girl has quickly shot up to over 2.5 million monthly players, and it just released on September 19th. This is a pretty phenomenal accomplishment for Crowdstar, and we're big fans of the new game here at - The Blog!. Today, It Girl has released a huge update with the addition of collections. Collections in It Girl are a new way to win clothing and accessories.

When you enter a store in It Girl, a window will popup that shows you what your progress is on that store's collection. Each store has a certain number of clothing items that you have to discover in order to get a reward. There are two rewards available, one for simply 'discovering' the clothing, and other for buying all of the items. This is almost exactly the same mechanic that you see in games like Treasure Isle - searching for clothing takes energy, and you can find collectibles. The only difference is that the collectibles you find are wearable if you actually purchase them, and you get actual prizes for completing collections other than simply coins and XP.

What are you waiting for? Start collecting in It Girl!
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