Homebuyer's Remorse: How to Avoid and Cure

Homebuyers experiencing buyer's remorse should read on.
Homebuyers experiencing buyer's remorse should read on.

You've just bought a house. Friends and family are congratulating you and sending housewarming gifts. Everyone else is popping champagne corks, but you just feel queasy. What's going on?

You could be suffering from buyer's remorse, that nagging feeling that perhaps you made a mistake, got in over your head, or for some reason shouldn't have bought that home after all.

The feeling is not uncommon. Experts say that 5% to 10% of all homebuyers -- and maybe more--regret their home purchase.And since a record 41% of U.S. home buyers are now first-timers who've never owned property before, according to the National Association of Home Builders, the potential for buyer's remorse has never been higher.

To keep you feeling confident about your home purchase, AOL Real Estate asked three housing experts for advice. Here are their tips for preventing real estate buyer's remorse, along with some advice about what to do if you come down with a case of it.

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