Hike! NFL ticket prices continue to rise

Ticket prices to National Football League games continue to rise, according to a new study by Team Marketing Report. The average ticket to a game rose 4.5% to $76.47, according to the report's 2010 Fan Cost Index survey.

The NFL's average for premium seats is $238.94, up 5.6% from last season. The increase is due to a few teams, such as the Giants and the Jets, passing on the cost of huge player salaries and new stadiums to fans. The Jets bumped up non-premium seats by 31.8% to $114.64, while the Giants increased their average general tickets by 26% to $111.69.

With no change in ticket pricing, the New England Patriots continue to sell the league's most expensive non-premium ticket at $117.84. The Cowboys are fourth in average ticket price at $110.20. The Buffalo Bills upped prices 15.5% to $59.19, while Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints gave fans a 20.5% increase for non-premium tickets, with average tickets costing $74.99. The Green Bay Packers showed a 14.1% increase to $72.36, while the Pittsburgh Steelers showed a 7.6% jump to $74.32.

Fifteen teams either kept prices the same as last year or lowered them. The Atlanta Falcons dropped prices 8.1%, while Detroit, St. Louis and Tampa Bay lowered their prices slightly.

And last but not least, 19 teams reported their cheapest beer cost $7 or more. The NFL average jumped up by 10 cents to $6.90.
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