FrontierVille 'Mafia Wars Quest': Clobberin' and clearin' for a Mafia Wars reward

Mafia Wars promotion in FrontierVille
Mafia Wars promotion in FrontierVille

Logging in to Mafia Wars right now might activate a pop-up asking you to log in to FrontierVille and start a promotional quest on your homestead.

Once there, all you have to do to complete this quest and receive the Bowie Knife (31 Attack, 58 Defense) in your Mafia Wars inventory is clobber three snakes, clear three skulls (snakes hide in skulls) and chop down three trees. That's it. Just do those things like you would in everyday life on the virtual frontier, click on the "Mafia Wars Quest II" pop-up to claim your reward and the Bowie Knife should be in your mobster's hands in no time.

You can unlock each requirement for an obscene amount of horseshoes compared to how boringly easy each requirement is, but, please, save your money. In case you truly are the impatient type, Mafia Wars Maniac found a shortcut to making the quest appear that we've included behind the break.