FrontierVille Jack-in-the-box gift has Frontier Jack jumping for joy

FrontierVille Jack in the box
FrontierVille Jack in the box

A new free gift has appeared in FrontierVille called the Jack-in-the-box. Zynga added this little guy in an unannounced update for players to find themselves, and who else could it be but FroniterVille Jack?

That one is just too easy. This item doesn't seem to have a limited time, but that isn't any reason to take your sweet old time in getting this cool new item. Gift the item to your friends and once they send one back (if they're nice) this animated decoration will be yours. Click on the box for a little Jack to pop out and surprise you. Well, not so much; with an item like "Jack-in-the-box," who wouldn't see this coming from a mile away?

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