FrontierVille FarmVille Quest Guide: How to get your FarmVille mule

frontierville farmville quest
A few days ago many farmers experienced pop-ups in FarmVille that promoted the new FarmVille and FrontierVille cross-promotion. The promotion is for a Quest to complete in FrontierVille. Clicking on these pop-ups did not trigger more details and the in-game pop-ups have since vanished. Because of this there was general confusion about how to get to the quest and if the prize (Mule) would be for FarmVille or FrontierVille. Just to clear things up, the Mule is for use in FarmVille, not FrontierVille.

Use this guide to complete the FrontierVille FarmVille Quest and get your Mule for FarmVille.
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First of all, you need to install and play the FrontierVille app. If you already play FrontierVille, then good for you because that's one less step.

FrontierVille's FarmVille Quest I Guide

1. Install the FrontierVille app on FaceBook. Click the following link which redirects you to FrontierVille.

2. Complete the goal, "The Farmville Quest I" in FrontierVille.

Requirements for The FarmVille Quest I:

  • Plant 20 Crops.*
  • Harvest 20 Crops.
  • Buy 3 Cows from the FrontierVille Market.

*Hint: Clover takes only 5 minutes to grow.

3. Click on "Claim Mule button" and head over to Farmville. You can then find your Mule in your Farmville Gift Box.
farmville mule
Rewards for Completing FarmVille Quest I Goal

  • FrontierVille: 250 Coins, 50 XP
  • FarmVille: Mule

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