FrontierVille: 'Enjoy Some Tasty French Fries' for a delicious Energy refill

French Fries!
French Fries!

A new goal appeared in FrontierVille on September 26 titled "Enjoy Some Tasty French Fries," and it looks delicious. This goal will reward you with the brand new food item, French Fries, which restores 20 Energy. The requirements of the mission are simple enough: harvest 10 Potatoes, collect 10 Elbow Grease and collect 10 Lard.

Harvesting the 10 Potatoes--which cost 90 coins and take four hours to ripen-- is easy. But to get a hold of the Lard and Elbow Grease you'll have to ask your friends to gift them to you. Remember to put them in your wishlist to make sure your friends notice that you need them (and remember where to find your gifts). Complete the goal to be rewarded with two orders of French Fries and 50 XP. As always, these requirements can be unlocked for Horseshoes, but honestly, we think you can wait for some stinkin' fries.

[Via FrontierVille Wiki]

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