FarmVille freaks of the week: Meet the Shafer family

farmville shafer family
farmville shafer family

Ever heard of Family time? How about FarmVille family time? The Shafer family knows how to spend a little quality time together . . . while farming of course.

"Hello Farmgoddess,

We just wanted to send you a couple pictures of our Farmville Freak Family, including the littlest farmfreak. We have all been playing since the game was introduced. All four laptops are logged on to Facebook and playing farmville. It's what we do for fun at our house, LoL. The littlest Farmville freak you see in the pictures is only 16 months and already "addicted". We also have a 5 year old who isn't pictured, but has her own farm and can navigate through the game with the best of 'em. Thanks for taking a look. We love the site!

-The Shafer Family, FarmVille Freaks"

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