FarmVille unreleased Haunted House Construction Status & Cob Web Prank

farmville cob web prank halloween
This is a FarmVille exclusive! Looks like their will be lots of cool stuff going on in FarmVille this Halloween.

Remember the April Fool's Day Toilet Paper Prank? There may be a Cobweb prank for you to terrorize your neighbors with.

The image below displays the materials required to construct the buildable Haunted House.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Moderator Linkaholic for finding this unreleased FarmVille Haunted House Construction Panel and Cob Webs on a barn!
farmville halloween haunted house
Note: Unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will make it to the FarmVille Market. Zynga is the sole owner of all their copyrighted images.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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