ESPNU College Town: Bring your favorite sports university to greatness

ESPNU College Town
ESPNU College Town

Famous sports network ESPN has teamed up with Disney's Playdom to create a game that captures the the campus management and college sports experiences at the same time, ESPNU College Town. The game, released today, puts you in charge of a college campus, running everything from building and finance management to maintaining school spirit and athletics teams.

ESPNU College Town, which features over 60 different real-life universities, follows the mold of Playdom's previous hit Social City pretty closely, but differentiates itself in both the subject matter and some key features like Challenges. This unique feature allows you to put your athletics teams (football and basketball thus far) against other players' teams for reputation and the option to recruit team members from the available colleges, which cost either coins or Campus Cash, the game's paid currency.

Check out more of what ESPNU College Town is all about after the break.