Cafe Life goes retro with new groovy 80's decor

Cafe Life is bringing back the lava lamps and the big hair with the new set of 80's decorations. Everything you could ever need to make your cafe groovy is now in the game for a limited time. Let's take a peek at what new items you can get your hands on:

Zebra Pattern Loveseat - 15,000 coins
Leopard Pattern Armchair - 5,000 coins
Orange Pod Chair - 15 Facebook Credits
Retro Game Table - 10 Facebook Credits
Keyboard Guitar - 50 Facebook Credits
Boombox - 10,000 coins
Curved Glass Divider - 20,000 coins
Retro Poster - 100 coins

Glam Rock Poster - 8,000 coins
Snake Plant - 500 coins
Brick Cell Phone - 5,000 coins
Hanging Roller Skates - 1,000 coins
Puzzle Cube - 30 Facebook Credits
8-bit Cafe LIfe Poster - 2,000 coins
Abstract Color Painting - 500 coins
Guitar Rack - 2,000 coins
80's Mosaic Floor - 100 coins

We're not sure how well these fit in a nice relaxing cafe, but perhaps your cafe is edgy and hip rather than serene and calm? Regardless, these new decorations are pretty far out and groovy, so check them out while they're still around.

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