Atari GO to update classic games for social networks, bring on the nostalgia


Classic game publisher Atari, in a move to catch up after a shaky past couple of years, has set its sight on the social game world (who hasn't?). They're approach is Atari Games Online (GO), which Atari CEO Jeff Lapin announced is designed to help independent developers create, publish and rake in some dough on social games.

Thom Kozik, former executive of the K2 Network and Bigpoint, will spearhead the search for indie developers and distribution partners for Atari GO. While developers will be independent, the company is looking into updating their classic brands like Asteroids and Adventure for a social game audience.

"The programs, tools and support structures behind Atari GO allows developers to focus on making great games that can then be delivered globally," Kozik said. "Developers can already sign up for our programs and collaborate with us as we envision the future of cross-platform gaming."

Does this mean we'll be playing a Facebook connected Adventure on iPhone or Android? We can't imagine updates to games that are over 30-years-old being too much for either platform to handle, so it's a possibility.

Part of the plan is also to "cultivate new original games and games based on Atari's deep catalog of classic IP while supporting them with the strength of the Atari brand, marketing and platform support," according to Atari.

Have an idea for an awesome new game, but want it to have a better chance at getting buzz? Atari might have fallen from its former glory, but the name alone throws rosy-colored glasses right over the eyes of millions of classic gamers. Atari GO already has over a dozen developers with re-energized classics set to debut in the next few months, according to GameSpy. Just please, whatever you do Atari, don't bring over Pac-Man. Just leave the yellow guy to the pros.

Excited to see your favorite classic Atari game appear on your social platform of choice soon? Is this a good move for Atari? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.