Cafe World offers FrontierVille players 50 free Cafe Cash

cafe world frontierville free cafe cash

Cafe World on Facebook is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and in addition to launching a challenging Anniversary Catering mission, and sweepstakes that will send you to NYC (also home to - The Blog!), the restaurant sim is also offering up to 50 free Cafe Cash to people who play FrontierVille.
cafe world cash
To cash in on this limited edition promotion, you will need to gain three levels in Cafe World (provided you are already at Level 10) and then you will be rewarded with Cafe Cash.

Keep in mind that the promotion says you can earn up to 50 Cafe Cash, so that clearly means that there's no guarantee that you will score big if you decide to take on this challenge. Then again, if you're already a Cafe World fanatic -- it can't hurt to give this a shot and see if you end up with a fat wad of virtual cash to spend on your restaurant.

Did you take on this FrontierVille & Cafe World Challenge? How much Cafe Cash did you get? Add comment.
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